Honey Molasses

Honey Molasses

It was magic the way it happened. Thick, delicious and potent, ebony majesty. Caught up in the sticky icky icky of passion. Galactic experiences full of oohs and ahhs. Its goal? To inspire.


Top: Bourbon, spiced honey

Mid: cinnamon, apples

Base: maple,vanilla


Additional Information:


This candle comes in three sizes:


32 oz- Big Tings a Gwan

16 oz- The Classic

8 oz- A Cozy Accent


32 oz and 16 oz comes in a box.  All orders receive a free gift.


8 oz candle:

Candle care instructions as well as the playlist can be found using the QR code with your order.


12, 16  & 32 oz candles:

Coined as the 'vibe in a box'. 

This includes everything you need to heightened the experience:

A luxe soy wax candle (vegan), with cotton wick free of lead and zinc.

A free gift

A story crafted by us to help set the mood

A suggested playlist to enjoy

Candle care instructions



*We realize that customers do not always want boxes, please state below if you want a custm box or not for your 32 oz or 16 oz candle. This option does not change the price.