The Future Is Female

The Future Is Female

The Future is female can have a thousand interpretations. At Cozy Centric, we use it as a source of empowerment for women specifically without the intention of excluding anyone else from the future. During Women's History Month we wanted to take the phrase "reach for the stars" and combine it with all the trailblazing women have done since the beginning of time. In a time where we still strive to be viewed as equal to our male counterparts, it's vital to note that the journey is far from over. Although we did not create the phrase itself, we honor it in this sense. Like a woman, this candle is deep and complex, while being also light and airy. The universe is boundless, and so are we. Black cherry planets, plum moons, vanilla milkyways and gravity dipped in freesia, this candle is very much so out of this world. An ode to women everywhere, happy International Women's Day.


12 ounces, hand-poured soy wax


This includes everything you need to heightened the experience:

A luxe soy wax candle (vegan), with cotton wick free of lead and zinc.

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