The Loud Pack [Cozy Lit Kit]

The Loud Pack [Cozy Lit Kit]

*Only 10 kits available*


A mood like no other, allow me to introduce you to our highly anticipated project, The Loud Pack.


4/20 is a day that unites many of folks across the globe. While no "mary jane" was used in the making of these candles, the different energies were used to embody a higher than life experience. And the suggested playlist? High quality.


We reccommend you get the cozy lit kit to experience all 6 scents because they are not available in all sizes! Here for a good time, not a long time. Released at our Atlanta pop up, these flavors flew off the table.


Get yours today! Please read below for the scents.


4 oz lasts 20+ hours of burn time per candle.


Cotton Mouth
Top: cotton blossom, lemon
Mid: linen
Base: powder, sandalwood, violet


Blue Dream

Top: Blueberry, sugar

Mid: raspberry, strawberry

Base: blueberry


I got the munchies

Top: hickory

Mid: burnt, spice

Base: cedar


Pineapple Express

Top: Pineapple

Mid: Green leaves, anise

Bottom: sage & sugar


Hemp Roll Up

Top: hemp oil, green mandarin

Mid: exotic spices

Base: patchouli, cassia


Cereal Milk

Top: citrus

Mid: cherry, orange

Base: vanilla, sandalwood


* I don't own any rights to the music, just suggesting the vibes to go along with the candles I create myself.